Choosing Project Success — A Guide for Building Professionals

The Book Construction Management Professionals must have on their shelf.

Choosing Project Success
— A Guide for Building Professionals
J.F. McCarthy MBA, CFM, PMP
ISBN-13 9780979996900
Copyright: 2008
Format: Soft cover; 371 pp

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Description and Features

This book will benefit working construction professionals seeking skill advancement. Also appropriate for undergraduate capstone courses and graduate construction management courses focusing on the integration of construction management and construction technology for real world projects.


Choosing Project Success — A Guide for Building Professionals integrates the knowledge, principles and practices of construction management and building technology. It is the first text to show how theoretical knowledge is used in real world industrial, commercial and institutional projects from concept to occupancy. Lessons learned and best practices are identified to help make project success normal.


  • Observing well and thinking right, skills needed for all construction management processes, are discussed as essential starting points. Management implications of observations, measurement precision and variation and the organization of information are analyzed and explained. Understanding of these basic concepts is the foundation that supports the construction management process.
  • The use of costing and estimating, cost control, time planning, scheduling to plan and control projects is explained. Integration of these knowledge areas and process to achieve focused results is stressed.
  • The construction management implications of construction materials, soils, concrete, masonry, structures, water envelopes, plumbing, life safety, HVAC and electrical technology are identified. Use of this technical building information to manage well is the focus.