Construction Project Management — A Managerial Approach

Now you can adopt the first construction management book to integrate PMI PMBOK® methodology into established construction management practices.

Construction Project Management
— A Managerial Approach
J.F. McCarthy MBA, CFM, PMP
ISBN-13 9780979996917
Copyright: 2010
Format: Hardcover; 432 pp

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Here's the book you and your students have been asking for…the latest project management text for college construction management programs and survey courses in civil engineering, architecture, facility management and real estate.

In easy to understand language, this new text explains and analyzes the latest information, theory and practices for:

  • Construction industry players and construction management processes
  • Project delivery methods
  • Costing, scheduling and scope management
  • Accounting, finance, insurance, law, regulations and codes
  • Cost control, risk management and safety
  • TQM, AIA and AGC documents, and sustainability and LEED

The first text to integrate PMI PMBOK® methodology into construction management.

The benefits of the PMI approach are achieved while maintaining the familiar CM terminology, practices and processes.


Construction Project Management — A Managerial Approach integrates the knowledge, principles and practices of business, project management and construction management. It is the first text to apply the Project Management Institute PMBOK® knowledge areas and processes within the established construction management framework. The book will help the construction manager achieve a strategic vision, continuously improve construction operations and manage industrial, commercial and institutional projects from concept to occupancy.


  • The structure of the construction industry, and project players and construction management processes are identified and explained, using the latest statistics and information, to help build and manage effective project organizations.
  • Project delivery methods, including design/bid/build, construction management and design/build are analyzed to provide the knowledge to select and manage the best delivery system for each project.
  • Costing and estimating, cost control, time planning, scheduling, earned value and scope management are explained and integrated to understand how to optimize project planning and maximize project control.
  • The fundamentals of construction management, financial accounting, job cost accounting, finance, risk management and safety, insurance, laws, regulations, codes and standards are analyzed to provide the knowledge to effectively manage these project constraints.
  • Current practices and the latest trends in TQM (Total Quality Management), the transition from the CSI 16 division to 50 division specification systems, AIA and AGC documents and sustainability and LEED are developed and explained to provide cutting-edge real world knowledge.