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Job search book resources for construction management students

The book title explains the content of the following books:

Cover Letter Magic 4/E Wendy Enelow, JIST Works 2010

Directory of Executive and Professional Recruiters Kennedy Information, BNA Subsidiaries 2009

Get the Job You Want John McClure, Signalman 2009

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunter Conrad Levinson, John Wiley & Sons 2009

Job Search Networking Tactics Martin Walker, Tebbo 2009

Knock 'em Dead 2010 Ultimate Job Search Guide Martin Yate, Adams Media 2009

Knock 'em Dead Resumes Martin Yate, Adams Media 2010

Resume Magic 4/E Susan Whitcomb, JIST Works 2010

One book has a wider perspective, and some explanation is helpful:

What Color Is Your Parachute? Richard Nelson Bolles, Ten Speed Press 2011 This book views employment as one of many related choices that form a career and a lifestyle. This broader analysis can help put the job search and the first job in perspective. The company's size, location and types of projects performed, technical capabilities, the portion of self performed work and usual project delivery types will influence the employee's experience and later career possibilities. Wise selection of the first job is a first step to a successful career.

Resumes, cover letters and job search tips

A cover letter that did not work


Help others learn from your experience, and improve the construction management profession

If you have:

  • A résumé or cover letter that was particularly effective
  • An earlier version of a résumé or cover letter that was less effective
  • Job search methods that worked for you
  • A class project assignment that greatly increased your knowledge and capabilities
  • Stories about networking and how it benefited your job search activities
  • Websites or companies that helped your search
  • Certifications or awards that help you stand out from the crowd and win a job
  • Classes, materials or experiences that really helped
  • Great employers — for internships, part time and full time positions

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Helpful information that can benefit others will be posted on this web site, and you will be credited for the submission unless you request anonymity. Personal information on cover letters and résumés should be removed before submission.