For Construction Managers and Vendors

Promote your firm and benefit the construction management profession

Here is an opportunity for project owners, construction managers, specialty contractors, and equipment and material manufacturers and vendors to promote their firm, benefit construction management students and help improve the construction management profession.

Firms may submit materials for inclusion on the “News and Interesting Information” portion of this web site. Submissions will also be considered for inclusion in future text editions. The submissions should illustrate how construction management principles are now applied in the real world, and may include photographs with explanations, written case studies or explanations of products or processes.

Submissions can include:

  • Featured projects
  • Lessons learned
  • Innovative products or processes
  • Excellent execution of proven practices
  • Installation sequences of your product or service
  • Management techniques that work

How you will benefit

Accepted submissions will be posted to this web site and considered for inclusion in future editions of the text. Students, who are the next generation of construction managers and leaders, will spend up to 40 hours during the semester reviewing the information associated with the textbook and website. The web site is an integral part of the education process and instructors teaching the course will be encouraged to make use of the practical sections of the web site. Your participation in this section will increase recognition of your firm and promote students to apply for employment as well as purchase your firm's products or services.

Submission requirements

Submissions must illustrate real world application of the principles and practices found in this text and emphasize the technical and informative and minimize promotion. Advertisements will not be accepted. Your submissions should be supported by sufficient information to permit the students to understand and analyze the product, process, case or project. Examples of previously accepted submissions and their supporting information can be found in the present text.

Credit given

The project or product name will be identified and your firm credited on the web site and in the text.

To propose a submission email us.